Optimize your ketogenic lifestyle

The KCS takes keto for cancer to a quantum level - - no longer is a keto diet good enough for approaching cancer; to optimize the positive effects of your keto diet, you must address the quantum aspects of diet and your environment - only then can you achieve optimal benefit from your keto diet.
— Heathar Shepard, Founder

How to optimize your ketogenic diet

If you are someone with cancer, you’ve likely heard of the ketogenic diet for approaching cancer. All of the diet books out there today on ketogeinc eating are missing a HUGE piece when it comes to the workings of the keto diet (see above video to learn about this).

Why is it that some people get cancer after being on a keto diet? Why is it that some get a cancer reoccurrence after being on a keto diet? Why does a keto diet work for some and not others? Why are some of the studies on keto concluding that keto is not supportive to the cancer healing process?

This can all be boiled down to one sentence.

These individuals and the individuals they gain their information from have blinders on to what really makes a keto diet effective.

It’s not about counting macros. Not even close.

It’s about improving the health of your mitochondria and diet is secondary to this task. The primary step is to improve the way your mitochondria can handle input from the food you eat. Only then can you start to heal mitochondrial diseases.

The KCS teaches you how to do this so you can approach cancer and other mitochondrial diseases from a root place that leads to forward movement along your healing journey.

Where to begin