Approaching Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet + Sunlight


Many people looking to prevent cancer - or those seeking natural treatments for cancer - often look to a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is a supportive approach to cancer, however, there is a big healing piece missing when it comes to approaching cancer from a root place.

Diet alone is not enough to give you optimal protection against a mitochondrial disease such as, cancer. This is because diet only provides you with about 1/3 of the healing jet fuel needed to approach cancer. There is another source of supercharged jet fuel that provides a much more potent dose of medicine. That is, sunlight.

Sunlight contains 2/3 of the nutrients, molecules and elements needed to help your body achieve many physiological processes - that those with cancer are unable to achieve optimally - that diet cannot meet alone. Some of these crucial physiological processes include:

Apoptosis, autophagy, melatonin recycling, dopamine production, serotonin production, T3 production, circadian biology re-set, vitamin D synthesis and methylation and detoxification - to name a mere few.

The video below explains why diet is only part of the healing pie when it comes to approaching cancer. Diet is important, but, unless you have the proper light coming into your eyes, skin and body everyday, diet alone will only allow you to make small forward movement with your health and healing potential and capabilities.

The information outlined on this site is designed to help you integrate a high efficiency ketogenic diet with the healing power of nature, specifically sunlight, to help support your cancer healing journey.



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