Healing your Microbiome

Healing the gut is by far my favorite topic to teach about and to help people with. In fact, when working 1-on-1 with someone, the gut is the very first place I start. This is because healing the gut helps to rectify root causes of cancer and other chronic and acute conditions.

When it comes to healing, nothing will be able to heal fully or properly unless the gut is healed first.

Often, healing the gut allows the entire body to heal and rectifies conditions that you may not have even thought were correlated to gut health such as: anxiety, inability to gain weight, insomnia, fatigue, breast cancer, dementia, diabetes, acne, PCOS and even asthma.

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The Candida Estrogen Connection

I remember the warm chocolate chip cookies my grandma used to make - they were mouth watering and absolutely delicious, addictive for sure. When my grandma made cookies, I made sure to eat as many as I could; that woman had a knack for baking and I was her best customer. 

My grandma was a baking wizard and had the funniest jokes in town -  however, I also remember her full blown mood swings, migraine headaches that kept her in bed for days and cute little apple shaped abdomen. Many people chalk symptoms like this up to aging, however, these are not normal signs of aging. They are however, signs of heavy metal poisoning, type II diabetes, candida overgrowth and depleted gut microbiome levels. All of which ultimately lead to an increase in circulating estrogen in the body. 

My grandma had breast cancer in her early…

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The Link between Amalgam Fillings & Candida

Mercury fillings do extensive harm to the entire body. The extent of the damage inflicted by  mercury is too often overlooked when it comes to healing cancer. While amalgam fillings are considered safe by the US government - with the exception to pregnant women -  (PS if something is considered toxic to pregnant women, it's toxic to everyone) they are in fact a huge underlying cause of cancer.

When it comes to healing cancer, removing mercury not only from your mouth if you do have/had mercury fillings - but taking steps to effectively, easfully and safely remove mercury from your entire body is extremely important when it comes to healing root causes of cancer…

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Spiritual Insights from a Bone Throw

This blog post is inspired by an interview I did with a dear friend and mentor of mine, JoAnne Dodgson. JoAnne has been learning and living the kala keh nah seh lineage of Ka Ta See for over seventeen years. She is a ceremonial guide of these ancient healing ways from the Eastern Andes and is also a teacher and author.

Today, JoAnne is going to share some very potent, empowering insights from a ceremony and ancient divination practice known as a Bone Throw. A Bone Throwing ceremony is an ancient

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How to drink healthy water

Many people today are drinking water that is harmful to their health. This is a very overlooked area when it comes to healing, yet is such an important one as we consume water and beverages that contains water throughout every day of our lives. Much of the water we’re consuming is harming our health. Many people hold the blind belief that drinking tap water is okay and safe and that the government wouldn’t let us drink water or bathe in water that was harmful or detrimental to our health. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s take an up close and personal look at some different types of water sources to help you gain deeper understanding and knowledge about what kind of water is best to drink…

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Benefits of Black Pepper

You may be wondering, what’s so great about black pepper? It’s a boring culinary spice found on the tables of almost every single restaurant throughout the world. It’s true, black pepper is often unconsciously used in every one of our meals. However, black pepper contains potent healing properties and has the potential to provide a huge medicinal boost to every single one of our meals.

One of the reasons why I love black pepper so much is due to its potent ability to help improve...

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Dairy Products & Cancer

Dairy products tend to get a bad rap these days, especially when it comes to cancer. For some individuals, dairy products are best avoided due to sensitivities or allergies to dairy products, while nutritionally others need more grass-fed dairy fats than they can shake a stick at. So, before you're quick to jump to any conclusions with regard to dairy and cancer let's take a close look as to if dairy products may be a good fit for you and your body.

Dairy Sensitivities, Allergies & Inflammation...

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Cancer, can you see the gifts?

A cancer diagnosis can promote fear, anxiety and fight-or-flight energies. I've sat with and talked to many individuals with cancer - most of them have experienced the feeling of fear upon diagnosis. Many (but not all) medical professionals use language, terminology and body postures that exudes and further exemplify these fear-based, anxiety provoking energies. I had an individual the other day tell me she was terrified to see her oncologist because he always tried to coerce her into more tests, treatments, trial drugs and therapies and if she didn't abide by his recommendations - according to her doctor - she would lose her life. She was terrified by his disconnected and inaccurate approach.

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An Empowering Approach to Hormonal Cancers

Your hormones are synthesized from the foods you eat. If you're eating foods that disrupt hormone function, that damage the hormones or that lead to hormonal deficiencies such as sugar, alcohol, drinking out of plastic water bottles, eating foods rich in soy, etc. - these foods are going to have significant, detrimental effects on the overall health of your endocrine organs and endocrine hormones.

Many people with cancer are shifting their diets from carbs, sugars and starchy foods to a keto-based diet, rich in fatty acids, as a diet rich in fats has shown to increase ketone production thereby starving cancer cells. Many women on my keto-based diet are reporting...

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Mercury Toxicity & Cancer

Often, many people reach out to me asking, "Why did I get cancer?" Medical doctors often don't have answers to these deep and important questions. The truth is, each individual who has cancer has a very unique set of reasons as to why they acquired the disease. The intent behind my work is to help people unveil the cause behind the cause behind the cause of their individual cancer diagnosis.

I have found that one of the most overlooked causes of cancer is mercury toxicity. 95 plus percent of all the clients I work with have or have had mercury fillings (amalgam fillings) in their mouth. Most dentists will tell you these fillings are made of silver amalgams - this is not accurate - at least 50% of these "silver amalgams" are composed of mercury and...

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