Sunlight = Your Healing Superpower

Many people who have cancer look to diet to help prevent and rectify their diagnosis. While a keto diet can be exceptionally helpful for approaching cancer, there are many stones left unturned when you focus on diet alone.

Diet provides you with about 1/3 the healing capacity that you need to correct root causes of cancer (and other mitochondrial diseases) - - you don’t have to be a mathematician to see that diet falls pretty short of helping you achieve your true healing potential!!! However, when it comes to healing, we tend to give diet the most power and attention. This is where diet gurus and diet plans fall short and this is where 100…

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The Candida Estrogen Connection

I remember the warm chocolate chip cookies my grandma used to make - they were mouth watering and absolutely delicious, addictive for sure. When my grandma made cookies, I made sure to eat as many as I could; that woman had a knack for baking and I was her best customer. 

My grandma was a baking wizard and had the funniest jokes in town -  however, I also remember her full blown mood swings, migraine headaches that kept her in bed for days and cute little apple shaped abdomen. Many people chalk symptoms like this up to aging, however, these are not normal signs of aging. They are however, signs of heavy metal poisoning, type II diabetes, candida overgrowth and depleted gut microbiome levels. All of which ultimately lead to an increase in circulating estrogen in the body. 

My grandma had breast cancer in her early…

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The Link between Amalgam Fillings & Candida

Mercury fillings do extensive harm to the entire body. The extent of the damage inflicted by  mercury is too often overlooked when it comes to healing cancer. While amalgam fillings are considered safe by the US government - with the exception to pregnant women -  (PS if something is considered toxic to pregnant women, it's toxic to everyone) they are in fact a huge underlying cause of cancer.

When it comes to healing cancer, removing mercury not only from your mouth if you do have/had mercury fillings - but taking steps to effectively, easfully and safely remove mercury from your entire body is extremely important when it comes to healing root causes of cancer…

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Benefits of Black Pepper

You may be wondering, what’s so great about black pepper? It’s a boring culinary spice found on the tables of almost every single restaurant throughout the world. It’s true, black pepper is often unconsciously used in every one of our meals. However, black pepper contains potent healing properties and has the potential to provide a huge medicinal boost to every single one of our meals.

One of the reasons why I love black pepper so much is due to its potent ability to help improve...

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An Empowering Approach to Hormonal Cancers

Your hormones are synthesized from the foods you eat. If you're eating foods that disrupt hormone function, that damage the hormones or that lead to hormonal deficiencies such as sugar, alcohol, drinking out of plastic water bottles, eating foods rich in soy, etc. - these foods are going to have significant, detrimental effects on the overall health of your endocrine organs and endocrine hormones.

Many people with cancer are shifting their diets from carbs, sugars and starchy foods to a keto-based diet, rich in fatty acids, as a diet rich in fats has shown to increase ketone production thereby starving cancer cells. Many women on my keto-based diet are reporting...

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Mercury Toxicity & Cancer

Often, many people reach out to me asking, "Why did I get cancer?" Medical doctors often don't have answers to these deep and important questions. The truth is, each individual who has cancer has a very unique set of reasons as to why they acquired the disease. The intent behind my work is to help people unveil the cause behind the cause behind the cause of their individual cancer diagnosis.

I have found that one of the most overlooked causes of cancer is mercury toxicity. 95 plus percent of all the clients I work with have or have had mercury fillings (amalgam fillings) in their mouth. Most dentists will tell you these fillings are made of silver amalgams - this is not accurate - at least 50% of these "silver amalgams" are composed of mercury and...

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Dangers of Multi-Vitamins & Synthetic Supplements

Many people today are taking a multi-vitamin or a host of vitamin supplements as part of their cancer prevention cocktail. While some food-grade supplements can be exceptionally helpful in aiding the body's detox capabilities - most supplements today contain harmful ingredients that do much more harm than good. In fact, many supplements today are made with toxins, poisons, GMO foods as well as harmful additives and preservatives.

When you're approaching cancer, it's especially important to eliminate toxins and poisons from your diet and life; one great place to start is by eliminating potentially harmful supplements from your daily regimen. Not only will this save you money, but it will also...

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Beyond Keto for Cancer

Many people today are reaching to a ketogenic diet for cancer. Cancer in part is a metabolic disease that occurs due to eating processed and packaged foods, sugar, carbs (carbohydrates), starches and fruit for several months to several years of your life.

When this happens, your body starts to burn glucose as fuel and the physiological consequences of this way of eating leads to almost every acute and degenerative disease known today including, cancer.

At a very basic level, a ketogenic diet...

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Keto for Cancer

Most medical doctors today claim that cancer is a genetic disease caused by the accumulation of 2-3 ocogenetic mutations (a fancy term that translates to an inherited susceptibility to malignancies). However, every day we're learning that genetics play less and less of a role in the formation of cancer.

In fact...

Only 5-7% of all cancer cases have genetic links. And, all of those with genetic links have insufficient metabolic involvement as well.

What this blatantly reveals is that cancer is NOT a genetic disease.

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Limit Fruit, Prevent Cancer

We have been told that fruit is good for us-that it's healthy and prevents disease. In response to this (yet again) inaccurate health advice, we've gone with the more-is-better attitude with fruit and continue to consume great gobs of it (and feed it to our kids). 

Since we've been advised to strive for 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day - an amount that our ancient ancestors would've never had access to unless stumbling upon a Fall berry patch out in the wild that they...

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