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Heathar’s approach to a keto diet is everything but conventional. She has found that people promoting a ketogenic diet for cancer - such as food guru’s, functional medicine practitioner’s and everyone in-between - their limited approach supports cancer prevention by a mere fraction of what you are capable of achieving. Many people don’t yet know that their surrounding environment and day-to-day lifestyle choices impact the efficacy of their keto diet and healing potential MUCH more than they know. Heathar teaches you how to improve your environment, lifestyle and keto diet so you can prevent and rectify mitochondrial diseases such as, cancer.

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EMF & 5G Protection: the number one way to improve your healing potential and ENHANCE the efficacy of your keto diet

What most people don’t know is that their exposure to non-native EMF’s destroy mitochondrial health faster than you can say “banana.” Here’s where things get really interesting…you can eat the best, most optimal keto diet on the planet and benefit less than 30% from that diet if you don’t learn how to safely navigate non-native EMF and 5G exposure. Most people go to the fear place around these modern day frequencies, some give up thinking they are powerless. But, when faced with an issue that seems as insurmountable as protecting yourself against 5G & EMF’s, you simply have to out think the machine and educate yourself with regard to optimal protection. During this class, Heathar will teach you how you can protect your mitochondrial health, enhance your keto diet and increase longevity simply by biohacking 5G and non-native EMF’s. If you have cancer or know someone who does, attending this class is by far the most empowering, forward movement choice you can make to enhance your healing potential.

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Improve your Redox potential & never get cancer again

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hormonal SOS recovery that doesn’t include tamoxifen

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