Heathar’s infamous ovenbaked jalapeño poppers

Heathar’s infamous ovenbaked jalapeño poppers

Heathar cooking with her nephew - - they’re whipping up some serious keto-friendly, southwestern soul food!

Heathar cooking with her nephew - - they’re whipping up some serious keto-friendly, southwestern soul food!

Heathar Shepard


Heathar has a diverse background of educational and professional healing and diet experience. Heathar has a degree in nutrition and a 4-year masters education in classical chinese medicine. While these educational experiences were enriching, they taught Heathar little about how the body really works and heals.

Heathar is an autodidact. For over 20 years she has gained the most educational knowledge through self-education. Her healing library contains resources that tower over 10-feet tall - - text books, books on quantum physics, light, diet, radionics, gut health, blood doping with light, over 500+ research articles, earthing and of course, books on the intricate lives of coyotes and bear - compile her educational library.

One of the most common questions Heathar gets asked is, “How do you know all this stuff”?!? Her reply, “I love to learn and especially love learning about subjects that I’m passionate about. I no longer let my education be confined by the dogmatic structures of our educational systems today because then, I am only at best 50% helpful to myself and other’s. I’m not willing to leave 50% of my or my clients healing capabilities up for chance.

So, there you have it. 20+ years of autodidacting has lead Heathar to a world of endless, on-going education fueled by her passion to heal herself and others from a no-nonsense, root place that fuels nothing but health and well-being for all.

Fun facts you may not know about Heathar

  • She loves the mountains and lives surrounded by nature far from the confines of city life

  • Heathar played division I basketball in college and was the 2nd shortest player in the history of division I women’s basketball

  • Heathar loves gardening but so far has only figured out how to keep cacti alive.

  • With a Sicilian mother, Heathar doesn’t let a homemade meal sneak by - she eats out at restaurants maybe 1x per year the rest of her cooking takes place in her kitchen.